Specialist Cutting

Due to the complex nature of our work, more sophisticated methods are needed to execute the most challenging complex projects. Typically where a lack of access, low levels for noise, dust and vibration will be tolerated we have incorporated our specialist cutting services. 

The company operates independently or as part Skelligs Site Services, utilising group expertise. It therefore benefits from stringent health & safety standards, supported by technically minded professionally qualified engineers, who ensure every aspect of the work is carefully planned and executed. 

We provide specialist cutting services using a variety of diamond cutting techniques or remote controlled demolition robots to remove sensitive parts of structures whether it be concrete or steel, where more aggressive techniques are not suitable.

Our specialist cutting services will provide principal and sub-contractor services therefore differentiating itself from the traditional diamond cutting subcontractor. 

Specialist Cutting

  • Diamond wire sawing
  • Track / wall sawing
  • Floor sawing (electric/diesel)
  • Hand sawing (hydraulic/electric)

Structural Alterations / Cutting & Carving

  • Temporary works design & installation
  • Removal of structural elements
  • Steel or concrete
  • Waste management, logistics & lifting

Robotic Demolition

  • From 500 kg -10,000 kg
  • Equipped with shears, breakers, munchers, buckets
  • Floor by floor demolition
  • Slab & beam removal


  • Dry / wet core drilling
  • Hand drilling
  • Hydraulic rig / hand drilling
  • Percussive drilling

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